09 July, 2006


I am touched by all the sweet comments I received about Gracie. Thank you for all your thoughtful emails and kind words, it was so appreciated. I think about her all the time, and I am still pretty down, but I feel more able to deal now. But I still move around the house and catch myself thinking she is there, just in another room or upstairs...

Unlike Dipsy, who posts a beautiful essay with beautiful pictures the first day she is back from vacation, I am a little behind and posting now about last weekend. For the extra long holiday weekend of July 4th, a good friend invited me along with her to Toronto to visit her family. It was really fun, and there was a lot to see since I had never been to Toronto before. It was so thoughtful of her to bring me, and it was a nice break from the routine. We drove up and on the way we stopped here:

Niagara Falls! I had always wanted to see it, so it was very cool. We were there on Canada Day, so it was full of people picnicing in the parks and waiting for the fireworks in the evening. I was surprised to see how close to the falls people could get, it was a lot different than I expected. I would have liked to get into one of these:

Note everybody wearing bright blue rain ponchos.

Then if you look back the other way, behind this force of nature is this very civilized city! There are nice parks all along the road, and it seems very manicured and urban. For some reason I was expecting a strip of souvenir shops and fast food joints.

In Toronto, it was hot and sunny, surprisingly much warmer than on the coast of Massachusetts. We went up into this tower, the CN Tower:

(This picture was taken from the harbor cruise we took later. The skyline was beautiful.)
This is the worlds tallest tower. From the glassed-in, exterior elevator of the tower we could see this:

A ballgame next door. We asked the elevator guy who was playing, and he didn't know! How lame! That ought to be part of his job! Turns out it was the Phillies visiting. Here is a view of the city waterfront from the tower.

I also took tons of pictures of the beautiful gardens at the Casa Loma, Canada's medieval castle. I was looking for ideas for my own garden. I really need a pond like this with a waterfall.

Turns out a lot of movies have been filmed there, like Chicago and X-Men, to mention the two movies where I actually remember seeing the medieval interiors of this castle.

There was some knitting going on in the last week, but I don't have any good pictures of it. I started on my Elspeth bolero, and I started on it about ten times. I had problems both with my gauge, and with the pattern. So not a lot of progress. I am not giving up on it, though, because it is the one thing that I really need in my wardrobe, a little cardigan to wear over summer dresses when it gets cool in the evening. More updates on that will be coming soon.

Well, I hope everyone is enjoying their summer so far. Take good care.


  1. Skyscrapers! I haven't seen so many tall buildings together for a long long time ... since I don't go to San Francisco much. When I was in Hong Kong, my apartment was on the 26th floor and I never had problem of height. But I think my husband won't appreciate that too much! LOL! I would love to go see Niagara Falls too ... and the blue ponchos! I still have the scene of Jim Carey on that sightseeing boat in Bruce Almighty on my mind (I had the impression that it was shot there!).
    Take care.

  2. eeek! i get dizzy just looking at your photos from the tower. exterior elevator? gah!

    niagara falls is beautiful. looks like you had a great weekend!

  3. What great pictures-I think I would be afraid to get to close to the windows being that high up. The skyline at dusk was fantastic. Are you using a digital camera?

  4. How great that your friend took you with her to Canada - this has certainly been a well-needed break for you, distracting you a bit and cheering you up, and you so deserve that!
    I absolutely adore the photos and the travel story you shared, they made me want to go there right away! I've always longed to see the Niagara Falls, they must be so spectacular, and oh, Toronto, what an amazing city! Your pics certainly sent me into a severe case of travel-fever - considering the fact that I just arrived home a couple days ago, this is pretty heavy!
    By the way, you're doing really beautiful pictures, you're a very talented photographer it seems, having a great eye for detail - it's always a joy seeing your pics! Thanks for sharing them!

  5. the trip sounds so exciting! i've never been to canada, but toronto seems like a really exciting place. would love to go to niagra falls one day!

  6. I just realized you had Gracie from SEGA...my friend is one of their directors! Small world! I know LOTS of GH people if you get to the point that you need a companion for your other pup--including a GH PUPPY!!!! [it will still not replace Gracie of course, but I had to offer...]

  7. Thank you for the vicarious vacation! I love all the photos, especially the one of the little float with all the blue-ponchoed people. Niagara Falls looks absolutely spectacular!