20 June, 2007

Pippi the burrowing greyhound

A little princess.

The Pipster is the worlds most pampered and decadent little greyhound. And the most affectionate.

At night, when she runs upstairs to go to bed, she refuses to lie down on her super cushy L.L.Bean bed. She stands there looking at us until we bring out the blankets from the closet. Her bed must have her blankies. Only then will she lie down.

She has heard the story "The Princess and the Pea". And since she believes she is a princess (she misunderstood the title, in her mind she changed it to "The Princess is The P"), well, she wants to be treated like one and sleep on many, many mattresses and blankets.

She likes to be tucked in. Even if it's 80 (27) degrees outside. Now she is happy. She'll stay under her blankies all night.

In the morning, this is Pippi:

Come on, Pippi, we got to wakey, wakey!

Where did she go? You probably didn't know that greyhounds are burrowing animals. Notice that she got up, turned around, and lay back down again. Some mornings we see no part of her at all. Other times she just hides her head. Time to play the game Where is The P? No energetic jumping out of bed for the Pipster, she likes to be woken up with morning spoiling*. Morning spoiling is the best**.

Greyhound owners are a little nuts.

* The word spoiled is a very positive word in our house. Sometimes we have to remind ourselves that other people may misunderstand when we say that a dog is spoiled. In our house it just means somebody who likes their spoiling. We love for all dogs to be spoiled.

** Morning spoiling is especially good for shy greyhounds, the ones who pretend that they don't care about being petted. In the morning, when they are relaxed, they forget to keep up this pretense.


05 June, 2007

The camisole is getting there

I felt compelled to post, even though the weather is very dark and dreary and I can't get a great picture. I have the crochet edging and the buttons left to do. I still have to actually buy the buttons. But this is a pretty fast knit, and I had lots of plane and airport time to knit when I went to Mexico. I was inspired by Sandra (I love her colors), who did hers so fast, and knitted whenever I had a minute. I love the little wedges which give such a good shape, and they also break up the project, knit twelve rows, knit a wedge, knit fifteen rows, knit a wedge. Somehow that was very motivating.

I almost don't want to post, I kind of want the Mexico pictures to be at the top of my blog forever and ever. I thought about putting one in my header, but pictures of palm trees don't exactly scream "pine cone lodge". :)

02 June, 2007

Travel, food, and textiles

My husband travels to meetings in cool places. I tagged along to Acapulco.

We were lucky enough to go to a party here and see this beautiful view.

Seafood on the beach every night, watching the sunset from this deck. Food in Mexico, what a wonderful experience. The breakfast tortillas, the papaya juice, the soups, the seafood... I was taking notes.

It was funny to see all the cabs.

Shopping for embroidered dresses in the market, I was able to get a blouse

and a dress. I could look at this forever:

I would have loved to buy more, but aggressive bargaining was so much work.

Some knitting happened as well. I am almost done with the camisole now, but I loved this floor so much, I had to show this picture.

I didn't have internet available except for about an hour and no cell phone service either. It was relaxing. But now I am slightly behind on my emails. Hope you all forgive me.