20 August, 2006

A scarecrow and a sun worshipper

The Elspeth bolero is coming along. It's missing one sleeve still, but that seems ok for a scarecrow. Challenge #6 was to find an unusual model. The scarecrow is guarding the high-bush blueberries, but it seems that the birds have taken most of the fruit already. The cultivated blueberry bushes are five-six feet tall, which is quite surprising to a Norwegian. In Norway, blueberries grow wild on the floor of the forests, little plants maybe ten inches tall, covering the forest. At our house here in Mass, we have six big bushes, and they are a little bit leggy at the moment, but they should fill out by next year after the pruning we did. And next year maybe we will put the net around them, to protect from the voracious birds. I love birds, but I love blueberries, too!

We moved into this house a year ago now, and we thought we would take it easy with landscaping the first summer. Wait and see how all the things planted by the previous owners turned out. Turns out that was a good idea, because flowering things have been popping up in the most unexpected places. And the blueberry bushes actually had lots of berries, they just didn't have a chance to ripen. I should have put that scarecrow up sooner!

I can't believe it's been a month since I posted anything. Not much knitting has been happening, and it's been busy with friends and family visiting, including Blossom and Ohana, and going to the beach. It's been fun. While Blossom was here, we did some sewing. Check out the beautiful Cherry Bomb dress she made. It's so perfect, the style and the cheerful fabric!

The weather has been very good, and here is somebody who has been loving it:

Every time I walk Pippi when it's warm and sunny, she plops down and stretches out on the grass. Greyhounds LOVE the heat. And she doesn't care that the grass has mostly been burnt off by the hot sun. (I know, it's pretty sad) But maybe next year we should also try to use those fancy garden implements called sprinklers.


  1. Oh ... it's great to read about you again, hege. It did look like the weather had been gorgeous! And I love the picture of Pippi lying down enjoying the warm sun ... so cute!
    Elspeth is so close to finishing ... go, hege, go! :)

  2. OH there you are... I was just thinking of you today, and then lo and behold a post. OOO I love the blueberries, we spent many an hour picking and eating them when we were in NH. (Some days we ate more than we brought home.)

    Love the scarecrow lace!

  3. sheesh those are blueberries? so it IS true what they say - everything is bigger in america!

    good to have you back and thanks for posting pippi pics! aww!

  4. so are you going to make some blueberry jam? so jealous you have been going to the beach! enjoy the rest of the summer!!

  5. So glad you're back! Oh, Pippi seems to enjoy the lovely summer weather, she looks so relaxed - stretching out like that sure is the perfect thing to do in summer! We can learn a lot from our pets, can't we? ;)
    I also love blueberries so much - over here they grow wild just like the little bushes you mentioned in Norway, but you have to be pretty quick and early to go pick them, usually by, like, 9 or 10 am they're all picked by others! Are you going to make jam or pies or some other goodies with yours?

  6. That is some stylish scarecrow!

  7. Love your Amazing Lace entry! Will you finish by Labor Day Weekend? I'm giving it a try!

  8. I'm glad you're back! :) Pippi looks so wonderfully comfy flopped there in the grass. It's nice that someone enjoys the heat. I love your fshionable scarecrow. Elspeth looks very lovely!