19 January, 2007

I don't want to catch anybody not drinking

I can't resist this.
From the Philosophy Depahtment at the University of Wooloomooloo:

What Monty Python Sketch Character are you?

G'day, you're Bruce! You think like a philosopher, especially after you've had a few cold ones...Australia RULES!
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For the complete text of one of my fave Python sketches, courtesy of the University of Adelaide, click here.


  1. Heehee, I love Monty Python.
    Turns out I'm the Hungarian...hmmm

  2. This was fun.....I'm King Arthur....

  3. Just watched The Pythons doing their Alan Whicker spoof ..too wonderful !So you knit those gorgeous things and you like Michael and co. He is mine b.t.w so forget any ideas or I'll have to slap you with a fish.

  4. Hello Marie ...fellow countrywoman .I am so glad cos I love Hungarian felted coats and I never knew I could make one ...goulash anyone?

  5. hee hee! I knew there was a reason we got along so famously! (And guess what, I work in Woolloomooloo!)