12 July, 2007

I love rock'n roll

Put another dime in the jukebox, baby! Rockin' girl Agnes kindly nominated me as a Rockin' Girl Blogger, so now I am pretending to be Joan Jett.

I know I am silly, but I can't help myself. It seems Joan Jett immediately springs to mind for a lot of people my age when you say Rockin' Girl. Though Joan probably wouldn't be showing you pictures of quilts and lace.

Now I am supposed to nominate five others. I nominate Meg - for all the fascinating topics she writes about, Blossom - for her beautiful sewing and style, Liz - for her beautiful art works and photos, Mel - for her beautiful spinning, Marina - for her gorgeous fair isles, and Marianne - for her caring and thoughtfulness. Of course all in addition to beautiful knitting. Okay, maybe that was six. I must do two more: Katy and Brooke, who both share their lives with lots of beautiful greyhounds and have so much fun with it. Pippi and I get our daily must-read greyhound news from them.

I would really like to nominate all the bloggers I read. I want to say something like "You all rock!" but honestly, I am too old. I can't use an expression like that with a straight face. So let me just say that all of your blogs are an endless source of inspiration to me, and I get a lot of joy from reading them.

I am picking up some UFO's:

The first is this wall hanging. It represents the four seasons, and there are some autumn leaves still to applique. I won't tell you how old this ufo is. Well, ok, ten years. Blossom came to visit me a few years ago. I was showing her my projects, and I couldn't find the book for this. I have since turned the house upside down several times, and it has never appeared!

Every time I thought about starting this again, I would feel compelled to search for the book, thus keeping myself from actually working on it. I can hardly believe that I would have owned a book and forgotten its' name. It was a Japanese quilting book, and I think I bought it in Copenhagen at Quilter's Paradise. I have the pattern sheet, but I wish I had the picture so I could see how they did their quilting and surface embellishments. I now have decided to face the fact that I will never find it, and I will have to improvise. How scary.

Putting something on your blog causes it to get finished, right?

November, 2007, edited to add: A very kind reader sent me a sweet email and the name of the book! I was able to find it here. I really enjoyed seeing it again. I know I would never have been able to think of such a nice frame for the picture, so I am really happy. Thank you very much, M.C.!

The second thing I have picked up again is the "Scarf with No. 20 Edging" from Victorian Lace Today. This has hibernated for about six months. The funny thing about this is that many people have done the same scarf as part of the KAL, and all except one have done it in red! And no, the picture in the book is not of a red scarf, it's yellow! This is a scarf that just wants to be red.

Plus, there is still the Brocade Leaves sweater, Poetry In Stitches p124.
Nordic Fiber Arts has a "one per customer" notice for this book and for Norsk Strikkedesign on their page now.

One of our rhododendrons which is blooming at the moment. I think it may be a 'Rosebay' rhododendron, and it blooms well after the other rhodies. The weather has been misty for a few days and I feel like I am in Oregon or Seattle. It's so nice! After the drought, this is better for the plants. Tourists are not happy, though.


  1. Well...if you can't use that expression with a straight face, guess you'll just have to have a big grin on your face while using it! (that's how I do it anyway)..
    But you DO rock! I think there's a finer definition of 'rock' happening in the world,eh? Thank you so much, I'm just tickled, see? I'm 53...and rockin'? (I have my moments)..
    The wall hanging is gorgeous..I've always thought you to have a good eye for design so I know the end results will continue to be wonderful, but yeah, doesn't it drive you crazy when you can't find a book?
    That lace is so pretty, and I'm loving that red yard beyond all reason. Yum, I could almost eat it.
    I really do need to get off my duff and order that book...Poetry in Stitches...it will soon be no more and such beautiful projects.
    Your rhodie looks fabulous what beautiful blooms and yep, I imagine it IS enjoying your current weather.

  2. Yeah ... you do rock! And I do the same thing to push myself to finish projects too ... just spill it all out on the blog for the world to see ... hehehe ...
    It may not work with all projects, but does with some ... that's a gain.

  3. I love how you're 'notminding' the rules, heh. (seriously!)
    Tomorrow when the grandkids aren't here I'll be checking everyone else's blogs out...

  4. I understand about the 'rock' bit. It's not even a word that is commonly used in my part of the world except in relation to that genre of music :) But I think the spirit behind it means that you're awesome :) I'm loving your awesome (rockin) red lace shawl!

  5. Love. Joan. Jett.

    Congrats on rockin'! :)

  6. oooh, thanks!

    now a question, my knordic knittin' knymph. do you really have UFOs?

    the red is very yummy. i can't wait to see what it looks like on pip.

  7. I agree with Marianne, you do rock! :) The appliqué wall hanging looks beautiful. I'm sure your improvisations will work out wonderfully. If you are looking for readily available and similar books to get ideas, I think Kumiko Sudo has written one on making similar hangings.
    I love the red you chose for your Victorian Lace scarf...such a very perfect deep, rich shade! I'm looking forward to seeing more of the scarf!

  8. Your rhododendrons look great. I love the rhododendron groves in the botanical gardens here, walking through them reminds me a bit of home.
    Thank you for mentioning me as a Rocker... I'll have to keep thinking of interesting topics for you!

  9. You do Rock Hege, you're never too old, even if you giggle when you say it...

  10. You'll have to finish at least that wall hanging - I want to see all four seasons. It looks so beautiful already. I wish I was able to make that kind of craft.

  11. You do rock Hege , can't say we use it here much but if it means you are a talented ,sassy girl then "You rock" . I am listening to Nina Simone at the moment "See-Line Woman" ..she sure did rock .If there is a phrase for her I use "Sassy" but she was so much more ,thank-God for girls who can sing what's in their hearts whatever it is .We don't have to sit quietly in the drawing room now ! "Rock-on"

  12. You are a rocking chick - especially after seeing that red lace collar! If I ever get to be able to knit like that I am soooo going to tell everyone that I am a rocking girl! But DO NOT let the hound near that...Hounds lurve to eat soft fluffy knitting! Well they do in my house anyway!!

  13. Awww, such beautiful flower pics! And your WIPs are absolutely awesome too as always - I agree with Anni, you'll certainly have to finish the wall hanging as I'm dying to see the four seasons!

  14. Your wall hanging is lovely. I can't wait to see your scarf finished. I think red suits the pattern perfectly - no wonder!

  15. Lovely lace knitting and the wall hanging will be great. Can't wait to see them all finished!

  16. The wall hanging is gorgeous! And I have faith, you can wing it and it will probably be nicer than what is in the book anyway. Love the pick of the shrubbery w/flower.
    And, you do ROCK!