23 October, 2008

Selbu glove

Dear Friends,
I sure have missed all of you.  The last year just flew by!  I have been working very hard and not been able to fit in much time for knitting, blogging or other fun stuff.  Reading bloglines again is exciting, but I almost forgot all my usernames and passwords for everything!  

There has been a very, very small amount of knitting going on.  Though there has been some buying of yarn...  ahem!  I fooled myself into thinking that buying the yarn makes a project halfway finished...  It almost gave me a sense of accomplishment.

One Selbu glove (unblocked, unpressed) from the booklet Selbustrikk which I got from Nordic Fiber Arts.   This is Damevante No. 16.  There are three different charts for the back of the hand in this pattern. 

The yarn is Rauma Gammelserie (this means Old Series, so it's an oldfashioned, tightly twisted yarn).  I am knitting with 2mm double-pointed needles (us 0), which were quite hard to find!  The only manufacturer of 2mm dpn's I found was Addi.

Well, I hope you are all doing well.  I look forward to seeing what you all have been up to!



  1. Beautiful glove. One of these days, I am going to attempt to make a pair.

    Hope you have more time to knit soon.

  2. Hege! So nice to see your glove! I have not spent much time at all on the blog, but I have been knitting, in the little bits and moments between other projects... hope the job is going well, hope your autumn is beautiful, and hope you have time to knit (if you want it, that is.)

  3. I am so very glad to see you posting and I know just what you're talking about...busy life and all.
    Your glove is a Beauty!

  4. ahhh! those are gorgeous.
    i have never attempted gloves. but now i really wan to!

  5. Love the gloves. I've got a booklet in Norwegian with Selbu patterns for hats, gloves, socks etc. My mum knitted us all Selbu gloves a couple of years ago but unfortunately the yarn makes them too itchy.

  6. Lovely glove! Don't let her be a lonely girl for too long ... make her a sister before winter comes!

    So good to have you back!

  7. welcome back. love the gloves (s--i have faith in you).

    but more importantly, hvor finner jeg smertestillende tabletter? (i love the internet)

  8. Hey stranger!! It is so good to see you :)

    I hope you are well and that things have just been busy - That's a happy (and timely) glove, I heard you all have snow on the way!

  9. Hege! You've been missed!

    The glove is lovely. US0 and small circumferences? Wish I was clever like you!

  10. Så flott den ble. Jeg har ikke strikket hansker enda, kun votter og har igrunnen nok med en finger (tommel)!! Men jeg må nok prøve meg etter hvert!

  11. hey hege, good to see you here, i can't believe we still haven't meet up with each other!! hope all is going well, love your glove!s

  12. Flotte fingervanter!
    Godt å se at du er tilbake igjen. Har savnet deg!

  13. Kjempefine fingervanter du har strikket.

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