09 March, 2006

Because I need another expensive hobby

Look at this gorgeous fabric Blossom sent me! I just love it so much. I so admired it when she bought it a few weeks ago. It's an Amy Butler fabric. Now Blossom has gotten me to start sewing again. She is very inspiring! Thanks Blossom!
I had been more into quilting than sewing clothes in the past few years, because I didn't really get too excited about the dress fabrics I was able to find. I think the last thing I sewed for myself was a dress in 1991... But maybe it's the inspiration of favorite designers like Oilily... I am crazy about colors and patterns at the moment. I placed some different yarn colors around it, to see what I could be inspired to knit to go with this fabric. Very exciting!
So I haven't decided what to make with this blue and pink paisley yet. Either a skirt, or a dress. I picked up a vintage Vogue pattern from the fifties, with a little bolero. It's adorable. But the fabric might need more of a sixties shape. I remember having a tunic dress in a paisley fabric like this, ca 1970, with a little gold chain belt around my waist. I was about seven at the time, and feeling very fashionable!

In the package from Blossom was also a whole bunch of skirt patterns. Pretty much every style is covered. I am going to be so well dressed! I do think it would be so cool to make a skirt to go along every time I knit a new top.


  1. Beautiful! I think I might have to start learning how to make skirts soon...

  2. Mmm ... you girls are so talented! Is there anything that you don't know how to do? ;) The skirt blossom made is just beautiful ... and I am looking forward to see yours too!
    The yarn I am using for my Must Have is some cheap cheap Lion Brand Fisherman's Wool. The yarns are not expensive to start with, and I got them on a 50% off sale! But honestly, not good for something to wear next to the skin! I am making a cardigan, so that's okay. And really, the stitch definition is surprisingly good!

  3. we are so going to have matching outfits!! heh..

    i'm ready to sew the A-line skirt.. so, whenever you are ready. and the green AH fabric, i'm going to make a pair of jammy pants. it'll be great lounging around in my new posh ATL apartmen!