02 March, 2006


Yesterday was a really productive day for the Birch shawl. I was spending hours installing some new software on my home computer, and instead of spending the down-time studying the book, a hefty tome on programming, I knitted. And knitted and knitted. It's looking like it might be finished in a couple of days!

A bonus for Birch: It's now multicolored. Well, sort of. I recklesslessly started it with only two balls of Kid Silk Haze, when I knew it needed three. On a trip to the yarn shop (a trip to the big city!) I found another from a different dye lot. The shade was so different that it was even obvious without seeing them next to each other. It looks like my first two balls are Oatmeal, and the third is Pearl. It's got a little bit of pearly pink to it. I was too impatient to shop for another, I mean, what are the odds that another dye lot would match any better... Doing one row at a time with each color is giving it a little more depth. I really like the effect!

I have a new sweater in the works. A sleeve is already done. No more subtle colors for me! This pattern is from the book Sweaters! by Tone Takle and Lise Kolstad. I LOVE this book. And I have always drooled over this sweater (pattern 1) which has green sleeves, yellow body, and red patterns all over. It's done in Rauma 3-tr Strikkegarn from Norway. The riot of colors is toned down a little by the brown edgings. I think it's great for brightening up a long, long winter, and I certainly feel very cheerful knitting with all these colors in my hands. This book is full of Norwegian sweaters in non-traditional colors, and it's been one of my favorites for a long time.


  1. two tone birch sounds great! can't wait to see it. and the fairisle sweater, i'm so glad you have finally decided to knit it again. i was drooling over that when i saw it in your room last time...

  2. Birch is on my list too ... and actually I have 3 balls of Feza Kid Mohair in a 2-toned organe for it. If it is knitted in the new Kid Silk Spray or Night, it would be 2-toned too. So I am waiting to see how yours turns out!
    And I really have to tell you I love the book Sweaters too. It came into my possession for just a few weeks ... I found it in a recycled bookstore for just $8.5 ... I know I hit the jackpot. All those colours are just extremely stimulating.

  3. i can't believe you were so impatient to start birch that you started with not enough yarn...that is something i would do. i love your solution and can't wait to see the finished product.

  4. Thank you for the nice compliments for the dogs. I have to be honest and say that they will only share beds if something particularly distressing occurs (the vaccuum cleaner, for instance). I'm looking forward to seeing photos of your greyhounds!