25 February, 2006

Finishing a UFO!

Thank you so much for all your kind comments! I really feel very welcomed by the high tech knitters out there. I feel so inspired to see all the beautiful work you are all doing. And thank you to my good friend Blossom for getting me involved!

This is a vest called Bettie from Rowan magazine 19. I loved it so much in the picture, but when it was almost finished (I won't say how many years ago), I was disappointed in the fit. The only thing I had left to do was sew the shoulder seams, but I let it languish. So, my figure is not like the model in the picture, which should have thrown up a red flag, but it also highlighted every flaw. The thought was to rip it back half way, and shorten the v-neck. It was too deep on me, which was surprising, but maybe this model is really, really tall. The thought of ripping out, though, was too much for me.

It has taken a shift in my thinking to realize I can wear it after all, so this story has a happy ending. This week, I went ahead and finished the shoulder seams and attached the back neckband. I will wear it over a t-shirt, and unbuttoned. The effect will not be quite the same, but I just do not have the heart to rip it out. The backgound fabric in the photo will be an A-line skirt to wear with it. It's Amy Butler (thank you for the tip, Blossom), and now I can't wait for summer. I think A-line, but maybe wrap would be better for stripes?

It really was quite fun to knit this vest. The yarn is Rowan Cotton Glace, which is a beautful quality. It's firm and silky, with a slight sheen. It stood up to a lot of handling, since I did most of this knitting while commuting on a train.

I admit to not liking finishing very much, all those ends to darn and making your fabric thicker. The knotty seams. It reminds me of the Norwegian word "knotete", which means something like awkward and inelegant ;) I resented the finishing, which was taking me away from the fun knitting. So to overcome this, I am from now on going to allow myself to start on the next knitting project while the previous is still in the finishing phase. I just want to knit!


  1. Congratulations! Finishing unfinished business always makes me feel good.
    I didn't like finishing work either in the past. But after the Old Tile jacket, I notice there is a small change in me. I love knitting, but I also love the fact that I can wear what I knit. Without finishing, the enjoyment is only half way. I start to love weaving in ends a lot more than in the past.

  2. the layered look is completely in...so why not over a tank top so that the deep v has some descretion...but still buttoned up.

  3. that vest/skirt combo is going to be beautiful. glad to hear you like cotton glace; i have a summer cardi in that yarn on my list, and i've never tried knitting with it before.

  4. I don't like finishing much either, but it's so worth in the end.

    I love rowan cotton glace. The color you used is beautiful. Very Spring like and fresh.