14 February, 2006

Lace shawl in progress

Some pictures of Birch underway. I love working with this project. It is working up into a frothy cloud of soft, warm lace, and I am really enjoying holding it in my hands. The beauty of making a triangular shawl, is that it gets smaller and smaller as you are working, and therefore each row is faster to knit than the previous!

The version I am making is the garter stitch version. It is not so easy to see this in the pictures, but I thought the stockinette version looked too smooth. The garter stitch looks warmer, and a little fuzzier, more cozy.

It took a while to get going, because when you first cast on, you can't see the pattern, and you are forced to keep counting to make sure you are on the right track. Kind of difficult when you have 299 stitches on your needle. I was doing the first pattern row on a three hour plane ride, and the flight attendant was very interested, and would check in with me every time she passed by, but she was never able to see any progress, as I kept counting and going back again and again. The perils of starting on a project in public, you won't impress anybody :)

The pattern calls for yfwd, but I am just translating that as a regular yarn-over. Also, it calls for K2tog tbl, but it is much easier to just use s1 k1 psso. The look is the same.


  1. your birch looks lovely, and love the layout!! welcome to the world of knit blogs!

    you may want to turn on the word verification in the comment setting to avoid spam!

  2. I'm also working on Birch, too. I'm doint the stockinette version. I'm loving it, simple but beautiful. Can't wait to see more of your work!

  3. hi from another norwegian blogger! birch is looking beautiful. so brave of you to start it on a plane - i made sure to stay as far away from people as possible when i cast on for mine ;-)

  4. if you are a friend of blossom's you must be really nice! welcome to blogland and i can't wait to see what lovely creations you come up with!

    birch is already looking lovely!

  5. Beautiful work! I'm going to start birch myself in about a month or so, so I may ping you with questions.

    Good luck!

    - Leslie

  6. Hi Hege-

    It's such a small world! I'm class of '01. I found your blog from reading Whispering Pine. How did you make it from Norway to College Station, TX? I bet that was culture shock!

    Take care, Liz

  7. Hi there, thanks for the visit to my blog. Your Birch is looking lovely. I made River from the last Rowan magazine and Kiri, but not yet Birch. My new target is Victoria from the new Rowan. I just have to dig out my mohair balls to see if I have enough. I can't imagine knitting Birch in public as I would foresee lots of mistakes, numerous counting back and forth. You are brave!

  8. You must stop what you're doing right now, rent "Say Anything" and fall in love with Lloyd Dobler. Quick!

    I'll look forward to reading "The Time Traveler's Wife." Thanks for visiting my blog!!