21 April, 2006

Pictures, pictures

Finally, a picture of the little scarf. I think I am photo challenged, because this has been finished for about a week. This will be my spring and summer scarf. I like how the snowdrop pattern came out, and how the scarf is light and drapy after blocking. I highly recommend this yarn, it's silky and soft, and looks great after I washed it. I am thinking hard about making a summer top in the same yarn. Unfortunately, it is impossible (for me) to get a good picture of the color, and I think that is because the yarn is shiny. The reflections are confusing the camera lens. Take my word for it, it's periwinkle blue, not the royal blue which the pictures want to show.

Let me try another picture, this time with flash:

Now it looks more like the denim it's named for, but it's all a trick of the light.

Yarn: Plymouth Royal Bamboo, color Denim (47), 2.5 balls
Needles: 3.25 mm
Tension: 27 sts per 10 cm (over pattern)
Dimension: 10 cm wide, 1.80 m long (72 in)

I have been thinking about ripping out my Birch shawl. Since I made it with a much looser tension, it came out very large. What was I thinking? A shawl could not be too big? I love Birch, I really do, but it is kind of unwieldy. If I remake it I will remake it with the looser tension, but with 25 percent (at least) fewer stitches. Unfortunately, frogging Kid Silk Haze is pretty difficult. I will be mulling this over for a while, it won't happen until I finish some other projects.


  1. Lovely scarf! I so understand your agony of capturing the true colour of a project. It seems almost impossible to show the subtle purple heather of the yarn I am using for Sampler Stole!
    Think very carefully before you decide to frog Birch!
    Have a nice weekend, hege! :)

  2. love the scarf, hege!! you should get lots of wear out of it in the spring!

  3. I love the bamboo scarf. Lovely pattern.

    When I first started birch, I frogged back almosted an entire skein of the KSH because I had so many mistakes. The cast on row didn't come out to well but the rest of the skein was just fine.

  4. Beautiful!

    You seem to be interested in books about knitting. I found this neat site at http://www.woolworks.org/bookref.html that has a very large list of all kinds of books that have knitting in them. That is actually where I found out about the Agatha Christie mysteries. If you like reading biographies, the Dorothy Parker one is listed towards the bottom and it is VERY good. She was a big knitter!