01 May, 2006

My favorite part of the project

This is the best part of starting on a new sweater. The pattern has been worked out, and everything is coming together. The counting of stitches, over and over, is done. And I am still in the beginning stage where I am extremely enthusiastic about the project. The sleeves are already done in this case, so only the body is left to do.

This is what I am aiming for:

I love the bright colors. The brown and honey border is hardly visible in the photo, next to the red and yellow. This is Sweater 1 from the Norwegian book Sweaters! After working with the bamboo yarn, the wool feels so nice, much easier on my fingers.

Having kept this yarn around for years, and knowing/thinking that I had at the time purchased enough of all the colors, I ran out of the chocolate brown, and had to make an emergency phone call to Arnhild's Knitting Studio, the american distributor of Rauma yarns for more 3-tr Strikkegarn. Problem solved immediately. Thank you, Arnhild!

And thank goodness for a yarn company that keeps the same range of many, many colors for years and years, about 76 colors for strikkegarn, 100 colors for the Finullgarn. If it had been any other yarn, I may not have been so lucky. I have always loved the tremendous color range that Rauma has, it always makes me feel like I have a painters pallette of yarn to play with.


  1. wow! i love new projects. this one looks very interesting! i hope to see you wearing it soon. also, love the new background color of your site. so much more serene!

  2. Great colours, and I love that book! I have been obessing (only) about colour and pattern and all other things colour knitting, so it is nice to see that someone really can just begin to knit on one of these beauties.

  3. I think you are progressing very quickly! I can't wait to see the body done and the sleeves put on. How do the Rauma yarns feel? There is a Japanese style jacket using this yarn ... and I am dying to make it. Are they soft?