24 May, 2006

"It's bad luck to talk about works in progress"

Yolanda, in The Dancer Upstairs (2002). I don't know if this is true only for dancers, but I am taking it to heart. So I won't talk about the fact that I am having to redo the right front of the Nellie cardigan. Or the fact that I fell one week behind on the Red Yellow Green sweater because I was unhappy with my ribbing and the size, and ripped it all out.

Instead, here are some summer projects which are not yet in progress. I have such a problem taking pictures of yarn! Finding the combination of the right light, and a good background is very hard for me. I therefore took my yarn out for a nature trip, and I tried not to flatten too many buttercups.

Blossom (she is the sweetest!) sent me this package of beautiful Berrocco Denim Silk yarn. I love the dark denim color, with small flecks of white and lighter blue. Indigo blue is so soothing. She even included a skein of Berroco Glace in light blue for trim. The yarn is very soft and I think it will be drapey. I want to make something to wear with a summer dress, maybe something like this:

Elspeth, Rowan Magazine 37

I might rethink the lace, but this the shape I am thinking of, a short sleeved, v-necked, cropped bolero style jacket. I ran this past Trinny and Susannah and they approve. The object is to draw focus away from the hips, and the arms, and my short neck... I will wear it with a simple dress; tan with a few scattered denim blue flowers...

Another project for the summer (don't worry, it's not even close to being hot here yet) is this cotton twisted yarn called Flash. It has three different colors twisted together, turquoise, lime, and lilac. This is going to be a tank top, but the style is not yet decided. I can't decide whether I want something cabled, to showcase the sheen of the mercerized cotton, or something very plain, to showcase the colors.

Then there is this fun cotton, Katia Jamaica in earth tones.

For someone who has never been into variegated yarn, this is quite radical. It looks really cool knitted up, and it might become a stockinette sleeveless top. I really like the styles in the Katia spring 2006 magazine, so maybe I will select something from that. I hope I will get to this one before summer is over, but the beautiful denim silk is definitely the highest priority.


  1. Wow, this yarn is so awesome! I don't even know which one I'd like best - all of them are so beautiful! And hey, you did a perfect job with taking pics of the yarns!
    That bolero style jacket you decided for must be one of the most beautiful ones I've ever seen - looking forward to seeing pics of it when you've started knitting it!

  2. wow!! i love all of the yarns you now have. you will definietly have some great choices for a summer top. elspeth was cute i heard there are some problems with the pattern... but i know you can figure them out. can't wait to see you knit the variegated yarn. it'll be so lovely!

  3. your yarn looks so happy frolicking amidst the buttercups!

  4. Lovely background to capture the yarn glory! The Jamaica yarns look interesting. You are right, have to be fast knitting summer wear ... the warm season goes fast (because we are too busy enjoying the warmth instead of knitting!) ... hahaha ...
    I need to work harder on my Leftover tank too!