04 May, 2006

Two more projects

Peer Gynt ski sweater

I have too many unfinished projects lying around my house. It's bad Feng Shui to have this kind of thing hanging over your head. My goal is to finish the projects, and also to make a dent in my stash. My stash, in plastic totes, is as tall as me. Actually, maybe twice as tall as me.

The green and white Norwegian sweater above has been put aside for a number of years. Let's not open ourselves up to ridicule and say how many... And those of you who know, please don't tell.

The yarn is Peer Gynt, from Norway, which is excellent. I am actually very happy with the knitted fabric, so why has it not been finished??? Blame it on living in the South for years. That one day of year when it was necessary to wear a sweater just didn't motivate me to finish...

The second item is a cardigan called Nellie from Rowan. A few years ago I bought as many of the Rowan back issues as I could, and in Rowan Magazine 16 I found a simple cropped cardigan.

Kaffe Fassett Kid Silk in antique gold.

The yarn is Kaffe Fassett Kid Silk which I was able to get as a closeout somehow. The color is antique gold. Look how it shines in the unused balls. It actually looks even nicer in the skeins, than in the knitted fabric. It's wonderful.

It's kind of exciting, cleaning out the ufos.


  1. OH MY! I love that anique gold color! What a lucky close out you got!
    I also like that purple diagnal sweater too.. I'd love to get athe pattern for those myself. I don't have that many Rowan mags..
    Beautiful knitting!

  2. Very impressive colourwork! And yes, I love the sheen of that antique gold.
    I would do the same from time to time too ... starting new projects like crazy for some time, having UFOs here and there, and then got irritated at myself and got them finished up! :D

  3. oh i love the peer gynt sweater! lovely colours! hurry up and finish it!

    and that gold yarn ... yum

  4. Your Peer Gynt is simply fabulous! Makes me want to knit a Norwegian sweater.