16 September, 2006

Elspeth Bolero FO Number 1

It's very lovely at the moment. Mostly sunny days, a little crisp at night, dry and clear. Whenever I think of September in Southern New England, I picture the clear golden light and the green trees all around me just on the verge of turning a beautiful yellow. This is my favorite month here. Maybe except for October...

And just in time for summer to be over, The Amazing Lace entry was all knitted up on Labor Day. But not quite done. The seaming and edging remained. It has taken me FOREVER to do the finishing on this. But I can still wear this for a little while as the days grow cooler.

The edges and the ties are crocheted. It goes perfectly with this tan and denim colored dress.

This photo shows the required laciness better

It also goes perfectly over a t-shirt.

Pattern: Elspeth in Rowan Magazine #37
Yarn: Berrocco Denim Silk, color 1414 Unwashed Denim. 5 skeins. Gift from Blossom.

For the edging, I had to reacquaint myself with crochet. It was much like riding a bicycle though, and I used my good and trusty "Harmony Guide to Crocheting. Techniques and Stitches" just to verify how many times to wrap around the needle for the different stitches. I stuggled some and pretty much had to make up the edging as I went along, because I didn't know that English and American crochet stitch names are completely different. What I mean is that they are the same, but they mean different things. British double crochet is American single crochet. Et cetera. I just realized this yesterday when I got Rowan #40! There are still some mistakes in the crochet pattern directions, though, I'm just saying...

On a completely different note, I saw a childrens movie the other day, Nanny McPhee, with Emma Thompson and Colin Firth. Was I the only one who thought that it was like a Kaffe Fassett fairy tale?

I was really into the sets. If you have ever admired the photos in the Fassett books, the ones where he shows inspiring interiors in glowing, amazing colors... the set of this movie was like one of those books. Deep saturated colors everywhere, acid green walls, cobalt blue woodwork and floor, with fuchsia and lime green costumes. Green and aqua woodwork with yellow walls. It was a visual feast! I want to buy this dvd only so that I can admire the colors! I wish I had better photos to show you than these stills...

In the childrens bedroom, and there were seven children, each bed had a different quilt or blanket in jewel colors. Every single one different, patchwork, granny squares, log cabin, plaids. The effect was so rich. I just wanted to make some quilts!
To top off the textile inpiration, in a beach scene the boys had on ganseys, which looked like they came straight out of Rowan Magazine. Too much fun.


  1. Your bolero looks beautiful! So lacey and feminine. Nice work!

  2. hege, this is gorgeous!! you did a great job. i saw nanny mcphee, too. it's quite fun but i didn't notice the set all that much, maybe i should watch it again. talk to you soon!

  3. I love the texture and the stitchwork in that - very gorgeous!

  4. Elspeth is gorgeous! It goes with your wardrobe perfectly. :)
    I love the set of Nanncy McPhee...I wish I could move into that house. All those wonderful, saturated colors! And the cozy, well-loved furniture. It didn't occur to me at the time but you're right, it is just as if Kaffe designed the sets!

  5. Awww, your Elspeth is so beautiful! It looks stunning with this dress, so very elegant - you really did a fantastic job with it!
    Great work on the edging too - I'm totally addicted to crocheted edgings and would add them to everything I'd knit if I could - okay, I don't do that, but whenever they fit, I'll make sure to add them, it's just such a little, but very effective touch!

  6. Elspeth fits so well and looks great with both outfits. I know what you mean about the US and UK crochet terms, and it's more complicated for me because I learned crochet from symbols and charts (japanese patterns), so I cannot understand crochet in English where it is written "crochet into back post ...??"

  7. What a beautiful sweater! It's perfect for the very changeable weather we have this time of year. Congratulations on finishing your Amazing Lace (and navigating the crochet edgings!).

  8. Beautiful! I hope the temperature doesn't go sub-zero for a while so that you can wear it alot.

  9. so beautiful.. elspeth looks beautiful in blue, wear while you can now.. before it gets cold again

  10. Wow ... I think you chose a really great colour for Elspeth! I like the less feminine colour used on a feminine pattern ... great. Of all the Elspeths I've seen on the web, yours is the one I like best!
    Sorry that I haven't answered your question about the P-sock ... yes, the pattern is really stretchy. The leg part looks really skinny, which made me worried at the beginning ... but I can wear it without problem. :)

  11. Your bolero looks so beautiful. Is that a picture of you on the right in a Norwegian sweater? Too cute! I saw Nanny McPhee a few weeks ago, and the sets were so gorgeous. The quilts in the bedroom were my favorite part.

  12. Very elegant bolero - and a perfect color.

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