07 September, 2006

Sensational Sock

I finished my first ever sock, and I am very proud of myself. I must show a picture. The pattern is Beaded Rib from Sensational Knitted Socks, and it's a toe-up pattern.

Now, I have a question for all you sock knitters out there. What is your favorite way to cast off for toe-up socks?

Turns out that knitting toe-up is not completely idyllic. I don't usually knit things where the cast off is very important, so I always cast off in the most basic way. But the basic cast off flares with ribbing. I tried several different methods, and they all looked equally mediocre. So I went back to the basic, and cast off in pattern. I found this to be the least offensive. It's not all that elastic, however. These are intended for my husband and he found it loose, while I found it a little tight on me.

Is there a perfect ending to my sock?


  1. I have only done one pair of toe-up socks and had the same problem as yours with the bind off. Many people like EZ's way of bind off ... saying that it is stretchy ... so you can have a look:
    What is that wooden thing you used for the photo background? For a second I was thinking it was a picture from Nancy Bush's Knitting Vintage Socks! Very nice job ... and you surely should be proud of yourself. Have you cast on for the second sock yet? I usually do it immediately to avoid second sock syndrome. :)

  2. It's lovely! (Sock and photo. The background you used is delightful!) I really like the stitch pattern and color. I bought Sensational Knitted Socks over the weekend and will certainly have to try this pattern. :)

  3. the sock is gorgeous! i'm sure you will eventually get dan to wear only handknit socks! you have to get him to model a pair!

  4. Very nice! I never knit socks toe-up just because of the bind-off problem, but I know that Elizabeth Zimmerman's sewn bind-off is popular for things like this. I'm not sure if this would work, but my favorite stretchy bind-off is this: *K2tog, move the resulting stitch from your right needle to your left, repeat from * until you're down to one stitch, then snip the yarn and pull it through.

  5. I know not about the perfect cast off, but I know a sensational sock when I see it... Wow!

  6. Wow, what an amazing sock - you have every right to be proud of it, it's truly perfect! And I so love the pattern - you really did a great job knitting it up!
    I'm sorry, but I'm of no help concerning your questions, I haven't knit toe up socks yet - I'm one of these old-fashioned girls who stick to their tried and true techniques (cuff-down) and are very reluctant to try something new ;)

  7. I've only knitted top down so I'm no help. That's a gorgeous sock! I'd love to see a picture of it on feet. I have knitted from the Sensational Socks book and am just not used to how the pattern look changes when you put them on.

  8. What a pretty sock! I've also only made top-down socks (all 2 pairs of them) so I have no advice for you. But I'll be interested to hear what you decide - I want to try a toe-up sock at some point too.

  9. martha in mobile13 October, 2006

    I hope it's not too late to put in my 2 cents...I mostly do socks toe-up. Here's what I do:
    For all wool socks, I use the standard cast-off, using a needle 3 sizes larger than that used for the leg. It looks funky when you do it, but once the sock has been stretched over a foot and calf, it falls nicely into place.

    For socks with some portion of cotton, I use EZ's stretchy cast-off. It can't be beat for this purpose.

  10. Thanks Martha, I really appreciate hearing from you! I will try that out. And I haven't finished the second sock yet, it's on it third reknit of the leg, so this is perfect :)

  11. A really loose bind-off that I often use on toe up socks is this:

    K1, YO, K1
    Pass YO over the last stitch you knit (2 stitches remain on right needle)
    Pass rightmost stitch on right needle over leftmost stich (1 stitch remains on right needle)
    ** YO, K1
    Pass YO over
    Pass rightmost stitch over
    Repeat from ** until all are bound off
    Because you're adding a yarnover each time (then immediately binding it off), this will create a slight flare in your bindoff row - but I find that the flare doesn't show once I put the sock on.