21 December, 2006

It's a start

The Brocade sweater is underway, and I love working on it. The Hifa 2 yarn is great, it's very soft, and the colors are very saturated and rich. It's so cool the way the peony is revealing itself as I am knitting, because it's not a shape I am used to seeing while knitting, no straight lines anywhere. Since the yarn is thin, you get a lot of detail, but it takes a long time, the entire weekend was spent on these measly 5 inches.

I am, again, experimenting with my 16" (40 cm) long double pointed needles and knitting belt. They are defeating me! I am very unhappy with my tight and uneven stitches. I guess I should find a project to practice on, and this sweater I definitely don't want to be a "practice sweater". By now, I have a love-hate relationship with the long needles. They are so comfortable to hold, and so easy on the wrists and arms. But
I have to sit upright on a straight-backed chair in order to maneuver them, otherwise the work is held too high. That's not what I want to do when I am watching tv knitting. I added a fifth needle from a different set, so that I am using four 2.5mm and one 3 mm, which is much easier than just four, but they are still awkward. I love these needles, and I will use them, but it's going to be back to the circular needle for this sweater.

I also started a scarf from the new book Victorian Lace Today. This is a great book, so I went ahead and joined the Victorian Lace Today knit-along. This book has such a wealth of information, and I can't wait to try more of the patterns. I am doing the scarf with No. 20 edging
(p. 84) in Misti Alpaca Lace, color Lipstick. I have done two pattern repeats, and it's so much fun! I love knitting lace!

The pattern in the book was made with a heavier yarn than the lace weight, which makes a large 20 inch wide scarf, so I am guessing mine will be about 12 inches wide.

I wish you all a happy holiday!


  1. I think I would have a hard time stop knitting once I start ... I know, it was like that when I knitted the Sirens' Heart gloves ... colourwork knitting is so full of fun!
    I have the lace book too ... just don't know when I would have the time to start something from it as I am planning to make another lace project from IK.
    Happy Holidays.

  2. And what a beautiful start it is! Looking forward to seeing it unfold.
    Victorian Lace Today is on my to-order list as well...

  3. Oh but what a gloriously beautiful five inches! It must be hard to put it down when you can seen the flower emerging. :)

  4. god jul, hege! the lace is gorgeous and the peonies likewise. those are some good holiday projects you're got going there!

  5. Both are just beautiful. I asked for Poetry in Stitches for Christmas, so I'm hoping that soon I'll be able to start something, too. I hope you have a great holiday, too!

  6. oh man, look at you go! and I haven't even chosen a Poetry sweater, or even chosen wool for my starmore... ah well, soon the workshop will be closed for the season and different fun will begin. The sweater looks beautiful so far!

    Love the scarf too, I have heard mixed things about the book, but you love it? Love the lipstick colour...

  7. great work, hege!! gorgeous peonies coming alive! have a great holiday, give me a call when you get a chance!

  8. My gosh, this sweater is going to be a masterpiece! It's funny, I'm so used to knitting with these long double pointed needles all my life long that I can't seem to get used to circulars, even though I'm well aware that they're so much more comfortable to knit with. Hmmmh...
    I'm looking forward to seeing more of this sweater - and the scarf too, of course!
    Have a very Merry Christmas, and all the very best to you and your family. A big hug from across the ocean, my friend!

  9. hege, both projects took my breath away, those peonies! and the rich red lace....sssiiiigggghhhhh.....
    beautiful knitting! I would so find those long dpn's awkward...good for you to give them a go.
    Wishing you the best for the holidays and beyond..... ;)......
    I am really going to enjoy seeing the creation of both these projects.

  10. God jul, Hege! The colorwork looks spectacular...and thanks for keeping us updated about the long DPNs. I found a place that sells them here in NYC (Pearl River Mart, in case anyone's interested), but I haven't gotten any yet because if I do I'm also going to have to get a belt, and I'm not sure I won't decide the whole thing isn't worth it after I've tried it. In short, I'm always toying with the idea, and you're the first person I've "known" who's actually tried it.

    The lace looks great, too - I've been really liking what I've seen on the blogs from that book...and just when I thought Meg Swanson's Gathering of Lace would keep me busy for years....

  11. Well, those five inches look fabulous! The colors are very, very nice. I think long DPNS would drive me crazy. I find 14" regular needles awkward when I'm sitting on the couch. Would love to see a picture of you knitting with the belt & dpns :-)

  12. It's a very beautiful start.

    I've got a belt and long DPN's now, and I think I'll find a simpel project for my first practice.

  13. Both projects look beautiful! That lace pattern looks very similar to the one used on my Diamond Lace cardi, but I like it in fine yarn better. And guess what? I got Poetry in Stitches as a gift... so gorgeous!!

  14. oh wow hege...both of those projects are avsolutely gorgeous. brocade is going to be stunning - i am so glad you ended up choosing that sweater to knit. and the victorian lace book - you're right! what more positives can be said about the book.

  15. I love those Hisdal flower designs. Lovely!

  16. Pippi must have a matching sweater! I so need to learn how to do fair isle...

  17. The pattern says the yarn is weight 2, but I am beginning to wonder about those yarn categories. Mohair Royal is 25 g / 235 yards, and Misti Alpaca is 50 g / 437 yards. If you look at the pictures (p. 176 of VLT), the #2 is definitely thinner than the #1 yarn (discounting fuzz, which you probably can't).

    What's even more confusing is why a Hand-Dyed 20/2 silk is a #1, and 20/2 Hand-Dyed Silk is a #2.

    Our rescue greyhound Katie says 'hi' to Pippi.