28 February, 2010

Getting excited about spring!

Spring is coming, I know it! Of course, it's March 1st, and in this part of the world, that means spring will show up in about three months. But these tiny cherry blossoms are starting to come to life inside.

In January we had a snowstorm that took down our old cherry tree. It was always beautiful every year, but it's trunk was so damaged that it was only a matter of time. I clipped as many branches as I could, and put them in a bucket of water to force them. It's something I think of doing every year, but don't usually get around to. This time it was now or never.

It was rather slow at first. After several weeks, nothing had happened. But suddenly last week, green buds started coming out.

This week, tiny little flowers are beginning to show! I am so happy to see them! They are pretty miraculous, really.

I hope that spring comes quickly for all of you in the northern hemisphere! If you are in the Southern hemisphere, I hope your summer is starting to get a little cooler!


  1. Those are beautiful and will only get more stunning as more buds and blossoms come out. Will there also be roots below the water line? Will some of these be able to be planted?

  2. Er det ikke deilig at våren snart er her! Vi har rekordmye snø i år så jeg kan nesten ikke skjønne at den skal bli borte noen gang, men det blir den heldigvis. I dag var første dag med blå himmel og sol, nesten påskestemning. Håper du har det bra!

  3. That never works for me. You must have green thumbs in addition to all your talents. For the third year, I'll be trying to grow grass! Our snow has finally melted.

  4. Er innom en snartur for å ønske deg en riktig god påske!

  5. Still haven't seen any buds on our trees but I sure do appreciate everyone else's photos of what they are seeing!

  6. Those are beautiful! You must have green thumbs, I'm jealous!

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