20 February, 2010

UFO Number 2 - Fleece Mittens

Finished mittens, yay! Fleece mittens, a.k.a thrummed mittens (Ravelry link), for husband are done. It feels good!

This was a kit by Nancy Erlandson. The yarn was called Ponemah yarn from Quinnehticut Woolen Co. and had a lot of lanolin in it. It really did make my hands feel soft when knitting it! I wish I could make another pair in this same yarn, but this mill has been closed.

Maybe some people would not have bothered to finish such an old project, but I am compulsive about hanging onto old stuff, so I couldn't let them go. Plus, my husband really likes them!

I am still working on the Glittertind sweater, but it's not exactly tv-knitting. I have completed the first step on my list from last post. It's slow going.

The ufo spreadsheet has been rearranged. Projects that have not yet been started will not be called ufo's. Hannah is getting frogged. So I am down to 8 ufo's and that makes me feel more sane. Next, Setesdal Hat II.


  1. 1) nice mitties.
    2) extreme organisation.
    3) why don't you knit up some norwegian curling pants? they have 200 000 fans on facebook. i'm one.

  2. Hiya! It feels good to finish an old project doesn't it? I'm trying to round up my old projects. Difficulty finding them because I'm so disorganised :) Looking forward to seeing your hat next!

  3. Oh those are wonderful mittens and I can just imagine how warm and toasty they'd feel to wear!
    Heee, Norwegian curling pants. Wouldn't those be something!