19 January, 2010

UFO Number 1 - Glittertind

The Beast:
Glittertind, not to be confused with Dale of Norway's Glittertind. That came later.

The Book:

Norsk Strikk: Fra Tradisjon Til Mote. Editor Kari Hestnes, 1992.
The cover model is called Lillehammer, also not to be confused with the Dale of Norway Lillehammer from 1994. All the sweaters in this book are either from, or inspired by, a place. Most are sort of traditional.

This is Glittertind:
Norway's second highest mountain. From this page which makes me all homesick.

Hard not to like a mountain with the word "glitter" in the name. Beats Galdhøpiggen, Norway's highest mountain.

Progress so far:
Well, ok, I have only done about four-five rounds, this sleeve was already underway.

Steps to finish:
  1. Knit second sleeve.
  2. Reknit first sleeve.
  3. Cut the sleeve openings wider.
  4. Reknit the ribbing. It's too tight because I liked the way the stiches looked when knit tightly. I knew better.
  5. Knit the neckline.
  6. After attaching the sleeves, check the fit and possibly lengthen the body.(!) Does this seem like a lost cause? If I could redo the body, I would. It's way oversized, like in the 90's when we were all getting the large and extra-large sweaters (it wasn't just the 80's.)
  7. Graft on the ribbing.


  1. drats, I had gotten all excited looking at the first photo and thinking you were SO CLOSE to finishing... #1-7... sigh.
    You might ask yourself how much you'll wear it, being that much oversized... It is Beautiful!

    ps sorry, time has gotten away from me re:email.
    word verification: stings
    rather appropriate,eh?

  2. wow.....that is a wonderful pullover and the pictures of the mountain....boah....super!!!!

  3. Jeg har savnet deg og bloggingen din. Så koselig å se at du er tilbake. Det var jo litt av em UFO liste du hadde, men nå er du godt i gang og når du har laget liste så vil du jo raskt se fremgang. Genseren er aldeles nydelig, så riktig lykke til!

  4. Gorgeous sweater. And this is all making me feel homesick which doesn't happen very often.