10 January, 2010

Happy 2010!

Happy New Year! I just found out that one blog I had, the Poetry In Stitches along, has been deleted. I guess none of us had looked at it for a while. Sorry if anybody thought I deleted it. So, anyway, this is just a "touch" to make sure this blog stays up. I plan on blogging and knitting again. Soon. ;)

My resolution for this year might be a 12-in-12 project. I have at least 12 ufos so in 12 months they could all be done! Notice my use of "might" and "could"! It would be cool, though. Good discipline, too. I already made a spreadsheet checklist to post on my bulletin board. The organizing and making of the list is of course a big part of the fun!

I just have to stop getting so distracted by all the new projects available.

I am just sitting here on a sunny Sunday morning, looking at the birds at our feeder and getting ready to start a fire. I love it when there is snow and sun at the same time! Instead of knitting, I have been browsing Ravelry and found lots of new groups to join. I am now a member of 71 groups which is slightly ridiculous. I am just a dilletante! It's just so much fun to see what is out there! And I am completely addicted to information.

I hope all my friends are having a great new year!


  1. Hellooooo! Good to see you touching base, if only just briefly for now.
    Wow... I had no idea that blogs would just be deleted... huh. I had to 'reactivate' my photos on my blog recently but alas, I still don't feel desire to post. Hopefully sometime this year though.
    Looking forward to seeing future posts here :^) I hope you're taking photos of the snow to show.

  2. Hege! You could take your Glittertind to our Knit a Norwegian Kal, but I have to warn you that these people do not sleep. It's day 10 and some are done with their bodies.

  3. i am SO happy to see you light up in my bloglines!
    hope you are well!
    look forward to seeing what you are up to!